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So, why work with me? 

I am an intuitive advisor and energetic healer. I've always had this natural ability to give advice and guidance, often stemming from a higher place, providing others with a sense of clarity and solace.  

Through 1:1 advisement sessions, I help people get on track with their goals and level up in their lives! I love to put emphasis on creative self-expression, allowing each individual to tap into their own inner artist. It's a true gift and blessing to watch how rapidly my clients begin to open up and flourish once working with me. 

My entire life, I've always wanted to help others and do something meaningful in this world. I never really knew what that looked like, but I was eager and determined to find out! After a decade of attending different schools and working countless service industry jobs, I felt lost. I knew I was ready for some sort of change...


After my own personal struggles, I decided to make a major shift in my life to both heal and grow myself. Thanks to extensive intuitive training, years of personal development and my own healing journey, I now offer services assisting others with releasing their blocks, stepping into their own power, discovering, and following their purpose.

In 2018, at age 25, I found myself at the lowest point in my life... I was a full-time student overworking myself behind a bar, while struggling with debilitating anxiety, insomnia and panic attacks. I was abusing drugs and alcohol all in attempt to cope. This was also in the midst of the most powerful spiritual awakening experience I had yet to encounter on my spiritual path. I decided I needed to quit my job and seek treatment through therapy and the undergoing of a personal development intensive seminar and coaching program. Completing these saved my life. I began to step into my power, find my true self, and found I wanted to give back to others in the same meaningful way. In 2020 I began my Intuitive Development and Mentorship journey and have never felt more connected to myself and the world around me!


Since then I've been able to help many others 1:1 by utilizing my own abilities, allowing them to find strength, courage, and motivation on their own healing and self-empowerment paths.  I also host regular classes assisting students with not only healing, but navigating and harnessing the collective energy at hand. It is an absolute honor to be helping others who are ready to create their own miracles in life too 🙌🏻 


"It is my dream and mission to help as many people as possible reach a state of clarity and alignment, despite their dilemmas in life, as well as uncover their soul's purpose here too. By working personally with each individual on discovering their goals and aspirations, as well as digging into the root causes as to what may be in the way, I help them achieve a deep and true sense of self-fulfillment. It is such an honor to be able to work with those willing to invest in themselves and create positive change in their world. I’m Julia Blake, and I am here to connect you to yourself and help you naturally prosper — in all areas of life." 

- Julia Blake 

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