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All sessions and classes are held virtually via Zoom.

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The opportunity to unlock your passions, align your

mindset + create a purpose-filled career basis! 👐🏻💫

What if that spark you have to become something more... is actually leading you to your true calling? 

Have you noticed yourself feeling more and more lackluster as the days/weeks/months go by? 

Feeling less passionate and purposeful in your daily life focus…yet eager for something MORE!

What if all it took for you to discover what’s ‘missing’ …was 5 weeks of your time and energy being directed into a space where you’d be met with community, guidance, love, support, clarity, intention, inspiration, creation and Purpose ? 

Does that sound like something your Heart and Soul are craving right now? Has it ever been? Maybe you’ve felt stuck or confused so you’ve let these ideations sit idle for awhile...

(I sure as heck did that).

If you’ve read this far, and any of this message resonates with You…prepare for your solution. Tap below for more info:

Launching up again this Spring!


A FREE drop-in class offering, now open for enrollment! 

Tap into your inner artist with this regularly scheduled creative class drop-in! Designed to help connect you to your intuition and truest self expression — this hour long offering is here to provide an energy uplift while allowing you to dive deeper into your soul's way of communicating with you. Each exercise given will guide you into the enhancement of your self confidence and understanding of the unique individualistic gifts you possess. You will leave this class not only with an insightful and powerful meditative energetic healing, but fun new creations of your own, and an overall more aligned sense of self. All are welcome to join!

Wednesday evenings @ 8pm EST (5pm PCT)

30 min. Intuitive Advisement Session 

A general look into the area(s) of life in need of a higher level of guidance and/or clarity. Best for those looking for a resolution to a specific aspect or issue currently being faced with. Provides divine support and clear direction.

Energetic exchange:  $55.00


60 min. Intuitive Advisement
+ Guided Energetic Healing

A more in depth look into all areas of life in need of assistance, from a high-level standpoint. Provides deeper clarity and dives into root causes of setback(s), allowing the client to unblock themselves and begin flourishing. Includes 45 min. Intuitive Advisement, full body energy scan, full energetic healing and clearing, chakra boost, recharging of auric field and any additional healing necessary for the client's specific needs. 

Energetic exchange:  $111.00


Month Upleveling Package Deal

Includes initial 45 min. Intuitive Advisement and 15 min. Guided Energetic Healing along with 3 separate 30 min. follow-up sessions.


This 4-week program offer is best suited for those who are seeking intuitive guidance, healing, structure and accountability regarding both goal setting, and achievement in healing specific area(s) of life. Provides ongoing individual support while working through blocks, allowing the client to level up and step into a more empowered way of living and being. Through channeled exercises and creative outlets administered specifically for the individual, deeper self-discovery is able to be expressed — resulting in a more aligned and connected self. Final results from completion of this program will create an overall sense of self-empowerment with more motive and drive to live a more purpose-filled life. 

After initial 1:1 session, client will have 3 weekly 30 min. follow up sessions to touch base and continue on track of achieving final anticipated results. Consistent support and accountability assures for optimum success and fulfillment. 


Energetic exchange:  $222.00

Payment plans available upon request :)

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