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"I’ve never understood what “energy work” was and honestly thought it was nonsense for many years, but something brought me to Julia and told me that it’s what I needed. I had one session with Julia and felt so much lighter afterwards, like the smog in my mind had been wiped away and I was able to think clearly, understand myself, and move more freely. Our whole spirit and consciousness is energy and just like we upkeep our physical health, we must upkeep our spiritual health for ourselves… especially in a world that is constantly bombarding us with distractions, manipulation, and criticism. Julia’s work helps clear those distractions that blur us from focusing on ourselves. It’s very personal and is catered to the individual each session; she works very hard to use her gift to help each client to move past whatever is slowing their mind from reaching its full potential. Thank you Julia."

-Connor R. Morgantown, WV 

"Julia did some light work with me when she was just beginning her energy work journey. Wow, was she onto something! I have to admit I was nervous for what the process would be like via FaceTime (I reside in a different state) but it far exceeded any expectations I had. Julia was able to tap into my energy prior to the call and we very naturally talked through what she was sensing from me... all of it was right on! There were too many connections to how I was actually feeling / acting for it to be "coincidental". I began journaling after our initial call and just a few months later finally had the courage to make some major life changes... all positive. I can't thank Julia enough for her service but mostly for making the whole experience so comfortable and therapeutic. It's great having somewhere trustworthy to turn in the future."

 -Mary P. Chicago, IL 

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"I used to be someone who needed someone to tell me how my life was going to turn out. I was a psychic junkie if you will. Julia has been able to help me rewrite those beliefs I’ve held - that everyone else knew my future except for me. She has a way of holding space for you in the most loving and supportive way possible. She is completely nonjudgemental. She doesn’t give answers - she gives tools. And in using those tools, she has helped me realize that I actually am the one who knows how my future looks, because I am creating it daily. She has always been spot on with every piece of guidance she has given me. She is truly talented and I know she is intuitively gifted. Because of her, I have tools to help me feel grounded, secure and certain and what more could you ever ask for."

-Erica A. Los Angeles, CA 

"Julia gave me an intuitive read awhile back, and I have to say that she definitely has a gift. She was super patient, intuitive, kind, and so knowledgeable about what areas of my life I should be doing more work on. She picked up on it right away and even pin pointed some physical symptoms that I've been feeling as a result of my blocked chakras. I've also been experiencing some pretty crazy signs that I've now learned are indicative of having a spiritual awakening. Since having Julia's guidance I've noticed a significant positive shift in my state of mind, frequency, and I now feel like I have so much more direction in following my intuition and what the next steps are for me in my spiritual journey."

-Ashley P. New York, NY 

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